Monday, August 1, 2011

It's all cheesecake!

This weekend, in the Museum Quality Intensive with Tempest (great time... will write a review on it soon), we were talking a few times about "it's cheesecake." Here's where that originates from.

This actually came from a conversation between Jeff (my hubby) and I about how, when you're seeing a lot of good performances in a show (and it's true just in general), what you end up preferring is like which cheesecake you prefer. Most people love cheesecake but there are a few who don't. If you fall in the latter category, you could replace cheesecake with another dessert but cheesecake works specifically well because there are a ton of different kinds of cheesecake.

Note also that your cheesecake preference can vary from day to day. So some days, you feel like having just regular New York style cheesecake with nothing on top; another day, you may want to add fruit toppings; next week, maybe you want something with chocolate; and then maybe something that sounds far out like "key lime pie cheesecake". That goes for you as the audience member as well as you as the dancer. ;)

Now, a good, solid, show will have like bite size (hopefully bite size) samplers of a bunch of cheesecakes. And, well, you'll probably go "Oh my god! This was awesome! Oh my god! This one's awesome too!" You may get points where you go "you know, this wasn't working for me" and that's fine. At the end of the evening, thinking back upon the samplers you tried, you may find a few that really hit a spot for you, some that didn't, and some that were really good still.

Bottom line: it's okay to have an opinion about what you are sampling (i.e., have an opinion about a performance... whoever the artist is). If you are the dancer, realize that there will be people who will like your cheesecake better than others but it doesn't mean that it wasn't a good cheesecake: it's a matter of preference.

Keeping with the analogy: it's important as a dancer to create the best cheesecake that you can with the ingredients that you have... and put your personal touch on it!

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